David Pizzo

Title: Market President

Company: Florida Blue

I am involved in this opioid initiative because it is a huge and growing crisis that is killing people and changing lives of not only those directly affected but also their families and friends.  I was involved before the COVID19 pandemic, but the situation has gotten significantly worse with fatalities in Tampa Bay increasing significantly, including with the exponential increase of Fentanyl usage that is driving the death rate higher even among first-time or recreational drug users.  I am fortunate to be in a position with my employer Florida Blue to make a positive difference in opioid usage, overdoses and deaths, not only through internal work activities within our company, but also and very importantly through collaboration with business, community and faith-based organizations to support the great work being done by the many dedicated experts and delivery organizations in this space.  This is a real opportunity for me to make a difference and help save lives.

Jennifer Webb

Executive Director

Sean Daniels

Anti-Stigma Project Director