Russell Meyer

Title: Executive Director

Company: Florida Council of Churches

Tampa Bay needs Project Opioid. This effort addresses a long-standing major concern in our community. For too long we have thought of addictions as personal failures, and consequently, the law enforcement responses have failed to mitigate the concerns. Our loved ones have experienced destroyed lives, incarceration, and untimely death. The advent of designer drugs and highly potent painkillers have pushed addiction to epidemic levels. We need new approaches that center our concerns in addressing the deep dissatisfaction so many are feeling in our society. The good news is we can shape those approaches together. We can write a new narrative. We can help family and friends meet their needs and find their way to satisfying lives. Project Opioid will bring together those who know how to listen, respond, and heal. I hope all will join this partnership for creating a healthy community and join in the blessings of living without addiction.

Jennifer Webb

Executive Director

Sean Daniels

Anti-Stigma Project Director