Live Tampa Bay strives to collaborate with those stakeholders who have long been on the frontline in new and evidenced-based ways. By leveraging resources and connecting partners we aim to save lives and strengthen our entire continuum of care across the Tampa Bay.

Our Collaborations:


UNSHAME is a collaboration with Shatterproof and Your Real Stories to reduce the stigma associated with recovery and active substance use disorders by collecting and sharing stories of recovery from people throughout the Tampa Bay region. The collaboration leverages our leadership, stakeholder, and community coalitions to launch an extensive social media campaign and host in-depth storytelling productions.


Bridges not Barriers brings us together local RCOs, hospital systems, and law enforcement agencies across Tampa Bay to increase access to treatment and reduce barriers to maintaining recovery for people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in the Tampa Bay Region. We will do this in four evidence-based, data-informed ways:

  1. Increase the number of hospitals with bridge programs in the Tampa Bay region,
  2. Increase the efficacy of left behind and SUD outreach programs by law enforcement agencies in the Tampa Bay region,
  3. Increase number and diversity of peer support specialists being certified in the Tampa Bay region
  4. Increase sober housing stock in the Tampa Bay region.

All four fingers of this approach to increasing retention in recovery or connection to treatment have been shown to be effective within peer-reviewed literature. More importantly, all four approaches have specifically been determined as areas of need within the Tampa Bay region (Sharp 2021).

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