Live Tampa Bay is committed to performing in-depth research about the opioid epidemic and the availability of evidence-based treatments and best practices in our region.

Our research shows that:

Overdose rate

Tampa Bay’s opioid overdose rate of 23.3 per 100,000 population is 9.75% higher than the State of Florida, and 50.5% higher than the nation.

Economic Impact of Opioids

Experts estimate that the economic impact of the opioid epidemic on Tampa Bay is roughly $25 billion lost each year in gross regional product with 35,000 workers sidelined from the labor force.

Overdoses per day

Nearly 3 people die every day in Tampa Bay from an opioid overdose, totaling 1,024 deaths in 2019.

Epidemic Reports

View our reports on the Tampa Bay Opioid Epidemic

What is the Opioid Epidemic?

Read our preliminary analysis of Tampa Bay’s opioid epidemic by downloading the report below. By early 2022, we will use this data to develop a strategy to substantially reduce opioid deaths in our region, and we will move into the execution phase.

How has it Impacted our Region?

For a more in-depth examination of the demographic and geographic impact of the opioid epidemic in Tampa Bay, read our report “The Epidemic within the Pandemic: A Geographic and Demographic Breakdown.

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