Our Stories: Into the Light

2022 March, Newsletter, Our Stories: Into the Light

This year, we will launch an aggressive anti-stigma campaign. Complementing the work of local groups like The Hope Shot and emulating national players like Shatterproof, we will highlight stories of hope and recovery, and make room for those of loss and grief. We will aim to show all of the faces of those impacted by this crisis and of those in recovery.

Thank you to our keynote speaker, Chef Jesse Schenker, for sharing your story, to Senator Darryl Rouson for being a torchbearer, and for our leaders who stepped forward to model what it takes to reduce stigma.

The data show that one story may be powerful, but to reach a wide audience and really reduce stigma within a community, it takes multiple stories from different types of people flowing across social media and into our diverse and many communities. We invite you to contribute to this campaign by sharing your story.

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