Letter from The Executive Director

Letter from the Executive Director, 2023 June

As we begin June, we celebrate the diversity that makes our communities, our social networks, our businesses, and our organizations stronger. Equity in access and services that is inclusive of all our community members is essential as we battle the opioid crisis.

We know that effective anti-stigma work begins with a diversity of representation because it sends this all-important message of hope — that people who look like, work like, love like “me” can and do recover. That’s why all of our programs — not just our anti-stigma work — should be as diverse and varied as the communities they serve.

We know that we need every kind of outreach and support — like the Modern Griots, focusing on health equity and healing; we need webinars, like ours on June 15th prioritizing men’s mental health; we need our LGBTQ Welcome Centers, prioritizing sobriety and recovery programs, and we need veterans’ organizations working with those who have served to continue expanding their support services.

We also know healing happens in community, just as we know that connection is the opposite of addiction. So, the better equipped we make our communities for surrounding their members in health-promoting activities, decisions, and lifestyles — the healthier we all become.

With pride,

Jennifer Webb, Executive Director

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